1. omg UNC.

    omg UNC.


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  3. I’m 28. I haven’t taken a math class in over ten years. I have a college placement test tomorrow. Goodbye.

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  4. I don’t really post that much on here, but I do lurk my feed pretty much every day. I’d be on here for hours (it’s happened a plenty) without some kind of signal to stop me, so I have devised the “Hiddleston Cumberbatch Method”. It’s easy. I just scroll through my dash until I see a photo of either Tom Hiddleston or Benedict Cumberbatch. Once that happens I must close the tab. I am done for the day, or at least for that tumbling session. Sometimes I don’t get to enjoy tumblr for too long, but other times I can scroll for a good half hour. Don’t be afraid to try this too! Just pick something that comes up often, but not 100% all the time always. If I had called this the “Homestuck Attack on Titan Method” I would probably have to close the tab immediately after loading the first post. 

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  6. Had a dream the other night that I was at a con getting harassed by some girl. I had a wand or something that I was using as a prop, so at first I made like I was going to hit her with it to get her to leave me alone, but she was like “go ahead and hit me so I can call security and kick you the fuck out of here.” I sort of wavered and gave up on the violence idea. While I was worrying about what to do and she was getting up in my face even more, roughkiss came walking up out of nowhere and punched the girl square in the face… and she fucking died. It was badass.

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  8. Fantastic Baby was playing on the radio at Dick’s Sporting Goods in North Carolina.

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  9. sassy-spoon:



    Texas Sportscaster Gives Best Response to Michael Sam’s Coming Out Ever



    so hey i dont usually reblog social justice stuff, but i work in a place where espn is on at a very loud volume and coverage of this football guys story was a whopping 95% of the content (the remaining 5% was about poor hotel conditions in sochi). after hearing so many people being “shocked” that he mentioned hes gay, its refreshing to here someone in news media putting it into perspective. like really, theres enough fear and hate out there. dont give in to it.

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  11. The other night I had a dream that I was at home on New Year’s eve watching tv and a Doctor Who special came on. It was about ten and a one off companion and it turned out all the while he was bumbling around the universe being a doof, he was actually on missions as part of a super secret organization bringing harmony and balance to all peoples. Also for some reason his suit (you know the awesome brown pinstripe) was a rental issued by said organization. He was allowed to keep it for only so long, the duration in being in accordance to his own timeline, so time travel would not affect it. The whole show he was very busy dealing with lots of crazy aliens, many who seemed bad and turned out to be good, and vice versa. He ended up losing his suit and had to wear whatever human clothes his companion scrounged up, at which he was visibly annoyed. But he made do. There was so much time hopping and looping back to things and it was very confusing. At the end of the special all the loose ends had been wrapped up, everyone had been taken care of, and the Doctor was on his way to return his companion home. Right before he said goodbye he somehow got his suit back and was wearing it. It turned out the whole thing THE WHOLE THING was a ruse. Him joining the secret organization, him going back and forth through time in such convoluted ways, him showing a companion around the universe… it was all just to run out the timer on the suit after it was revoked. Apparently after the rental expired there was a long ass time before the suit could be issued again, likely to ensure the previous renter would not be alive to get it a second time. But the Doctor circumvented that issue. Also, upon reissue it would be permanent and no longer a rental for whatever reason. So this entire 90 minute episode I made up in my dream, with all its ins and outs, was just a way the Doctor used loopholes to become the true owner of his suit so that they would never have to part again.

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  13. Hi again, tumblr. Here’s another one of my songs. Wrote it for a friend a few months back.

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  14. Most of this I wrote back in March in the middle of the night. I scrawled it all out in a matter of five minutes, not caring what came of it. Months and months later I went back and added two more verses to pad it out. Overall I think it’s kind of a weird song, but I kind of like it for that.

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  15. Hi friendly tumblr people. Any of you also use twitter? I’mma follow you if you do.

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